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Methadone Clinic in Annapolis, MD

About Methadone Treatment with New Journey:

New Journey offers comprehensive opioid use disorder treatment services to adults 18 and older. We specialize in methadone maintenance, one-on-one therapy and primary care services. Our patients receive evidence-based care that addresses addiction’s underlying causes and manages withdrawal symptoms. Community members and opioid treatment participants may also receive affordable primary care from New Journey.

Medication-Assisted Treatment (MAT) From New Journey:

At New Journey, we specialize in medication-assisted treatment (MAT). In a MAT program, the patient takes medication that reduces their withdrawal symptoms and euphoria from using opioids. This combination of benefits helps them stay committed to treatment. MAT also involves one-on-one counseling that helps the patient understand their thoughts and feelings about opioids. Patients with opioid use disorder can live safer and healthier lives when they use MAT in recovery.

New Journey Methadone Treatment in Annapolis, MD:

The MAT program at our clinic involves methadone, a medication with years of demonstrated results. Methadone has no “ceiling effect” where it loses effectiveness at a specific amount. As a result, your doctor can prescribe the amount of methadone needed to address symptoms of all levels of severity. A proper methadone regimen will reduce your symptoms for 24 to 36 hours per treatment.

Methadone MAT programs have a structured beginning that helps the patient stay committed to treatment. Daily visits to the clinic assist them in developing new recovery habits. As someone progresses through methadone MAT, they can earn the privilege to take medicine home by following state and federal guidelines.

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